Art for Ukraine

Stickers & Block Prints For Sale
All items directly benefit Ukraine's
Armed Forces & Humanitarian Funds.

Ukraine fundraising stickers

What is going on here?


Ukraine! All sales directly benefit fundraising accounts at the National Bank of Ukraine.


Art for sale! Currently stickers & block prints, but possibly more items to come.


Right now! And for as long as necessary! Until Ukraine is safe from Russian aggression.

If you want to buy some benefit art!

Arts™ For Sale

  • Flag & Dove Design

    All flag & dove design products benefit the Ukranian Military Fund at the National Bank of Ukraine. $3 from each sticker or magnet (50% of proceeds on other items) set aside for donation.

  • Die-Cut Dove Stickers

    The dove stickers (with either olive branch or blue & yellow ribbon) benefit the Ukranian Humanitarian Fund at the National Bank of Ukraine. $5 for each 3" sticker, with $3 from each sticker sold set aside for donation.

  • Dove Block Prints

    The dove linoblock prints benefit the Humanitarian Fund at the National Bank of Ukraine. Each piece is printed to order on 4x6 inch cardstock, and hand-colored. $50 per print, and $25 from each print is set aside for donation.

  • Stay Tuned...

    I'm planning more benefit artwork as we speak, so keep checking back! Also feel free to contact me if you have any art ideas you'd like to see brought to life for this cause!

Kind of like a FAQ, if anyone asks.

More Details About Everything

National Bank of Ukraine

Who is the beneficiary?

We will be transferring the money directly to the National Bank of Ukraine.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account specifically to accept donations in support of the Ukranian armed forces. This fund is a recommended donation beneficiary according to this thread from the official Ukraine twitter account, as well as the Ukrainian government's official website about their war effort.

NBU has also opened a special account for humanitarian donations, so people who aren't comfortable donating directly to a military effort can still feel comfortable contributing.

Who is the artist?

Hi, I'm Teresa! I'm the [one & only] person behind

I've been working the last few months at getting a charitable art business off the ground. If you visit my site, you'll note everything I sell benefits some cause somewhere. (It's a work in progress, a few of the designs don't have designated beneficiary groups yet, but they will!)

Then this war broke out over in Ukraine and I wanted to help. So, first I decided to run a raffle, with original art as the prizes. The raffle, however, was not as much of a viral gangbuster as I had hoped, so I've decided to start the longer-term fundraising effort you see here.

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Why not fundraise for a big charity?

Big charity groups have big overhead costs. Also, Ukraine is specifically asking for direct aid.

I decided not to raise funds for a big humanitarian charity because they already get tons of donations during times of crisis.

Also, and perhaps more important, I believe it's key for people to listen to the recipients when they want to support a cause. Ukraine needs help standing up against the Russian invasion. They are specifically asking people to donate directly, so 100% of the funds can be put directly to use where they're needed most in Ukraine.

What happened to the raffle?

The raffle raised $400, which I sent to the NBU Armed Forces Fund.

I'm finishing the four block prints with hand-painted backgrounds this weekend (March 19-20) and they will be delivered or mailed to the winners next week!

the Ukraine benefit raffle donation receipt

How to Contact Me

I'm not hard to find on the internet. Here's some places to start: